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Masterclass : Just Work, Get Sh*t Done Fast & Fair
Presented by Kim Scott, Best-Selling Author, Radical Candor and Trier-Lynn Bryant, Co-founder & CEO, Just Work
This Masterclass will take a deep dive into the Just Work framework on eradicating social injustice in the workplace.

Participants will engage in a “how-to” discussion on becoming a next generation leader.

We-all of us-consistently exclude, underestimate and underutilize huge numbers of people in the workplace. At the same time, we include overestimated and promote others beyond their level of competence. Not only is this immoral and unjust, its bad for business. The Just Work framework is the solution.

This masterclass will provide:
•  A toolkit to recognize injustice in the workplace
•  An action plan for creating “just” workplaces

Never be at a loss for words when you need to have the hard conversations.
Kim Scott
Kim Scott
Best-Selling Author, Radical Candor;
Co-Founder, Radical Candor, Inc.
An Afternoon with Gretchen Carlson; Stand Up, Speak Up!
An interview with Gretchen Carlson, Broadcast Journalist and Leader of the #MeToo Movement
Gretchen Carlson is one of the nation's most successful journalists and an internationally recognized advocate for women’s empowerment. Known for her in-depth, no-nonsense reporting, Gretchen has been on the front lines of every major U.S. news story for more than two decades. From the World Trade Center bombing, to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to the extraordinary 2016 election, Gretchen’s catalog of interviews includes every U.S. President, Vice President and Presidential candidate as well as hundreds of other leaders in business, entertainment and politics.

In 2016, she stunned the world by accusing Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment – and for the first time in her career, Gretchen became the story. By successfully taking on one of America’s most powerful men, she laid the foundation for the international #MeToo movement and inspired Showtime’s “The Loudest Voice” and Lionsgate’s “Bombshell.” She documents her personal story of courage – and those of thousands of other harassment survivors –  in her New York Times bestseller Be Fierce.

Gretchen will be interviewed by Mita Mallick, Head of Inclusion, Equity & Impact at Carta. They will discuss today’s political scene, sexual harassment culture, providing her own personal perspectives of faith and family, and the impact she has made on shaping the American story.
gretchen carlson
Gretchen Carlson
Journalist, Author, Champion for Workplace Equality
Expert Workshop: Employment Law Approaches in the Real World
An intimate discussion with Chelsea Kaden, CPO, Warby Parker & Harris Mufson, Partner, Gibson Dunn
The discussion will provide real-world examples of approaching employment law from a macro level. Our speakers will touch upon legal considerations and real-world applications of addressing pay equity, DEI, employee leave, harassment in the workplace, corporate investigations and more.
Chelsea Kaden
Chelsea Kaden
CPO, Warby Parker & Harris Mufson, Partner, Gibson Dunn
Networking Event – Mixology Class
Presented by Thriver, workplace culture and motivation experts
This interactive experience is perfect for all drink lovers. Follow along as award-winning bartenders teach you how to make new and exciting cocktails step by step. Listen as they describe the history and background of each drink and how it was created. Cocktails will include - Bloody Mary, Mimosas, and Tequila Sunrise.

Participants will receive ingredients required to mix the drinks prior to the event. You must be 21+ to participate.
Hosted by workplace culture and motivation experts
Masterclass :  Extinguishing Burn-Out and Identifying What Matters Most
A engaging learning experience with Lan Phan, Founder & CEO, Community of Seven
Core values are our fundamental beliefs. They are guiding principles that lead us in our daily lives, helping us distinguish between right and wrong. They help us determine if we are on the right path to fulfill our goals and drive our behaviors, actions and decisions.

Core values and purpose can extinguish burnout. Values inform everything we do. The more we stress the more we feel burned-out, the more we have moved away from our core values.

Join us for a deep-dive to identify and explore your core values, what they mean to you and how you can live it. The session will provide actionable steps to align purpose and growth to thrive as individuals and grow as leaders.

The session will be led by Lan Phan, Founder & CEO of Community of Seven. Lan is an accomplished executive who works with leading executives, founders, thought-leaders and change-makers to solve big business and societal problems.
Lan Phan
Lan Phan
Founder & CEO, Community of Seven
Expert Workshop: Using Adaptive Learning for Unconscious Bias Training
A workshop with Manendra Bhugra, HR Consultant
Training solutions are often driven by the need to increase knowledge, enhance performance, promote wellness and ensure compliance to mitigate risk. But, how will you identify and assess your specific training needs? How will you discover the right mix of training interventions to meet your soft-skills needs? How will you find a scalable, engaging solution that results in long-lasting, measurable skills?

Adaptive learning is engaging, comprehensive and scalable, but it is not the complete solution, particularly when the goal is creating a truly collaborative workplace. Discover how CCA uses adaptive learning—paired with our extensive experience in human behavior change and a far-reaching package of data analytics—to target interventions to your training needs.

Learn more about how adaptive learning programs, data analytics and targeted interventions can help create the organizational culture you want.
Ben Lerer
Ben Lerer
CEO, Group Nine Media
Annie Trombatore
Annie Trombatore
CPO, Group Nine Media
Harris Mufson
Partner, Proskauer
Allison Garrity
Allison Garrity
Director HR
Bustle Digital Group
The TroopHR network has proven to be invaluable. The webinars are timely and relevant. I've landed my dream job, all because of the connections and people who are part of this network.
jennifer smith
Jennifer Smith
Founder, Cursive, former Greylock Partners, McKinsey
TroopHR is a go-to source for HR tech knowledge and connecting with leading People pros. The network provides thought leadership on everything HR, business strategy and beyond.
alex koykova
Alexandrina Koykova
Director of People
In the ever changing world of HR, Troop offers partnerships among HR professionals where they can exchange ideas on running best in class programs for their organizations.

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Heidi Grothaus
Heidi Grothaus
VP People Operations, Slate
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Cindy Gordon
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VP People, FeedbackLoop
Jill Katz
Jill Katz
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Fmr. VP HR, Macy's
Cory Stern
Cory Stern
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Harris Mufson
Partner, Proskauer
Luck Dookchitra
Luck Dookchitra
VP People, Teachable
Keryn Koch
Keryn Koch
VP People, Commonbond
Nicola Porter-Smith
Nicola Porter-Smith
Director of People Operations
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