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Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair
Presented by Kim Scott, Best-Selling Author, Radical Candor;
We―all of us―consistently exclude, underestimate, and underutilize huge numbers of people in the workforce even as we include, overestimate, and promote others, often beyond their level of competence. Not only is this immoral and unjust, it’s bad for business. Just Work is the solution. In this keynote, Kim will talk about her new book Just Work: Get Sh*t Done, Fast & Fair and discuss how we can recognize, attack, and eliminate workplace injustice - and transform our careers and organizations in the process.
Kim Scott
Kim Scott
Best-Selling Author, Radical Candor;
Co-Founder, Radical Candor, Inc.
An Afternoon with Gretchen Carlson; Stand Up, Speak Up!
Presented by Gretchen Carlson, Journalist, Author, Champion for Workplace Equality, Leader of the Global #MeToo Movement
Gretchen Carlson is one of the nation's most successful journalists and an internationally recognized advocate for women’s empowerment. In 2016, she stunned the world by accusing Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment – and for the first time in her career, Gretchen became the story. By successfully taking on one of America’s most powerful men, she laid the foundation for the international #MeToo movement and inspired Showtime’s “The Loudest Voice” and Lionsgate’s “Bombshell.” She documents her personal story of courage – and those of thousands of other harassment survivors – in her New York Times bestseller Be Fierce.

Gretchen will share insights and experiences, from her analysis of today’s political scene, to the sexual harassment culture, providing her own personal perspectives of faith and family, and the impact she has made on shaping the American story.
gretchen carlson
Gretchen Carlson
Journalist, Author, Champion for Workplace Equality
Expert Workshop: Returning to the Workplace in 2021
Hosted by Dr. Lisa Koonin, Former Deputy Director at the CDC and Cindy Gordon, Former CPO, Policygenius
Join us for a workshop and discussion on building a playbook for your organization to return to the office and manage a hybrid and distributed workforce. Lisa Koonin, Founder of Health Preparedness Partners, and Former Deputy Director, of the Influenza Coordination Unit, who served for over 30 years with the Centers for Disease Control where she led the development of national preparedness plans and policies. She will be joined by Cindy Gordon, senior HR leader and former CPO of Policygenius to discuss real-world applications for implementing her strategies.
Lisa Koonin
Lisa Koonin
Former Deputy Director at the CDC, Founder, Health Preparedness Partners
Cindy Gordon
Cindy Gordon
People Leader, Former CPO, Policygenius
Betting on You with Laurie Ruettimann
A discussion with Laurie Ruettimann, HR Influencer, Punk Rock HR Podcaster, Speaker, Author
Laurie Ruettimann began her career in human resources. She became a writer, speaker, and podcaster as a result of the heartbreak and outrage she’s experienced throughout her corporate career.  Laurie recentlyreleased her book, “Betting on You,” providing tactics to put yourself firstand take control of your career.  She will share strategies from the keythemes of the book including self-leadership, well-being, continuous learningand risk taking. Following her talk she will be joined by Tracy Avin, Founder,TroopHR to discuss how to apply her tactics with real-world examples.
Laurie Ruettimann
Laurie Ruettimann
HR Influencer, Punk Rock HR Podcaster, Speaker, Author
Networking Event – Wine Tasting with Relic Vineyards
Relic Wine Cellars is recognized as one of the finest wineries in Napa Valley.
Relic was born in 2001 with the mission to make world-class wines that have all of the complexity, aromatics, nuance and personalitythat one would hope for from some of the best sites in NapaValley and the Sonoma Coast. Join us for a tasting of a flight of wines led by one of their sommeliers. Participants will be provided with wines prior to the event.
Relic Winery, Napa Valley
The CEO’s view: How to create alignment between business executives and People leaders
An interview with Group Nine Media CEO Ben Lerer and CPO Annie Trombatore, Moderated by Harris Mufson, Partner, Proskauer
HR leaders need to be strategic by basing their decisions on data and applying them to better business results and financial performance.  In doing so they will earn the trust of the CEO and thereby earn a merited seat at the executive table.

Join us for an insightful discussion providing actionable steps to enhance your role as a people leader in your organization. Ben Lerer, Founder & CEO of Group Nine Media will be joined by Annie Trombatore, Chief People Officer at Group Nine Media, to discuss the CEO’s viewpoint of HR and how best to align with leadership.  Ben will share his perspective of what skillsets are most important for HR leadership to succeed. Together they will share what makes their relationship effective for the overall success of the company.  They will also provide insights on how best to amplify culture across an existing company and when acquiring new ones, such as their recently acquired Pop Sugar, ensuring a cohesive organization. The discussion will be led by Harris Mufson, Partner, Proskauer.
Ben Lerer
Ben Lerer
CEO, Group Nine Media
Annie Trombatore
Annie Trombatore
CPO, Group Nine Media
Harris Mufson
Partner, Proskauer
Cindy Gordon
Cindy Gordon
People Leader
Former CPO, Policygenius
Troop HR allows people leaders to access a vast ecosystem, representing various stage, size, scale companies, and industries. After meeting Tracy years ago, I was eager to join the community for the relevant events, broad connectivity, and support from like-minded professionals.
Colleen Moran
Colleen Moran
Director, People and Culture
Troop has introduced me to invaluable networking connections and the info shared keeps me on the brink of innovation in the HR space. Troop provides me with a platform to always have someone to reach out to and I constantly learn new approaches to keep my own knowledge of the field fresh.
Luck Dookchitra
Luck Dookchitra
VP, People
Troop is an invaluable resource to a field that has become so integral to the success of all businesses. The events are filled with purpose, fun, delight, and learning. I'm so grateful to be a part of the journey and it has helped me and my teams become better HR & People leaders.
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How does being a member help me excel in my career?
Troop creates an MBA-like experience for our members who value real-world experience and practical takeaways. As a paying member, you’ll get access to exclusive content, events, workshops, and courses from prominent speakers and hard-earned insights from the profession’s top People leaders. Nothing supercharges your career more than applied expertise and an incredible network of peers and mentors.
What kinds of speakers and instructors will Troop have?
Troop will feature People executives from leading companies like Carta, Robinhood, Johnson and Johnson, Netflix, Starbucks, Southwest, Zappos, and more as speakers and instructors. Beyond HR, Troop will also bring speakers from other industries like Sports, Entertainment, Tech, and Finance to share their learnings on leadership.
What are the other Troop members like?
Troop’s members include People leaders and execs from a wide range of industries including tech, finance, pharma, and consumer products.They look to Troop as a place where they can share resources, ideas, and career opportunities.
How do Senior HR leaders benefit from Troop?
At Troop, you’ll get access to the top minds in the field and a supportive network of peers at your level. Being a Troop member means you get the first Troop’s look at the industry’s most promising job openings. In addition, you’ll have access to consulting opportunities and the first look at new products.