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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

As modern HR Leaders, our focus is shifting toward creating equity in the workplace –– putting greater emphasis on the “Human” in “Human Resources.” And as we work to create organizations where every perspective and outlook is represented, the need for talent strategy which places diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at the forefront is firmly cemented. While many workplaces have embraced diversity, equity, and inclusion and begun to realize its innumerable benefits, DE&I is still a new topic for even some global organizations, and their HR Leaders may be in the dark with regards to diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices. 

Executive-Led Strategic DE&I Plans Are the New Normal

Diversity, equity, and inclusion starts from the top, and HR Leaders and C-level executives alike must make DE&I a part of the organization’s DNA to ensure new hires, novice employees, and company veterans are recognized for their value regardless of background.

If this sounds like a massive undertaking, it is, but businesses who prioritize DE&I will be the ones on the right side of history –– and the ones writing it. 

Whether you’re an early champion of DE&I or looking for ways to usher in a positive change for your organization, lean on these resources from Troop members.

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