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Camile Duria

Founder & CEO, Cydney's Creative Solutions

Camile Duria is an accomplished Human Resource Expert, Business Consultant, & Community Leader, specializing in strategic operations, political compliance, performance optimization, and employee advocacy and diversity. As a California native, Camile received a BA in Africana Studies from California State University and a MBA in Organizational Development from American Public University. In 2020, she amassed over $2.5 million for political campaigns while overseeing budgets, hiring, and team development. Ms. Duria is the Founder and COO of Cydney's Creative Solutions (CCS), a full-service, administrative consulting firm - geared towards nonprofits and political leaders that build and create innovative programs, systems, and resources for organizations.With a client-focused, results-driven mission, her company also promotes employee wellness and work-life balance. Today, Camile is a dedicated, creative black woman, who's committed to the community while establishing effective, efficient multi-cultural work environments for the betterment of organizations around the world!