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Megan K. Dittman

Co-Founder & Wellbeing Curator, Front Goose

As a Co-founder & Wellbeing Curator, Megan knows that the workplace is most effective when the culture is grounded in wellbeing. With an extensive 20-year background in Human Resources at some of the world’s largest and most respected corporations, she understands the need for fostering healthier, more balanced employee-centric cultures. She attests that when this exists, personal engagement, retention and productivity multiply. Megan’s life journey has led her to this exciting endeavor with Front Goose, designed to impact organizational cultures of wellbeing, one leader at a time. In addition to holding a Masters in Labor and Industrial Relations from Cornell University, she is a certified Brain-Based Coach from The Neuroleadership Institute, as well as a 200-hour certified yoga practitioner. These experiences have shaped her expertise in Talent Development, Strategy and Global HR Leadership. Megan believes people deserve to thrive at work and home, that corporations play a crucial role in creating a world that prospers through authentic human connection, and that today’s work environments are on the cusp of extremely positive change. Her goal is to help others move inward to find clarity and wellbeing, so that they in turn can light the way for others.