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Theresa Fesinstine

Founder, Culture Markers

Theresa Fesinstine is an accomplished People Leader with over 25 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, Theresa has worked in various industries, from international corporations to those undergoing significant leadership transitions. As an expert in Company Building, People Operations, Employee Experience, and Engagement, Theresa has been recognized for her work in the field. She has received awards throughout her career for Leadership, Organizational Impact, and specifically for her work in Mentorship and Diversity from Globe St. Women in Business, further cementing her reputation as a leader in her field. Theresa is also passionate about creating positive cultures outside of organizations as well, which led to her interest in building the first Culture Amp chapter of Culture First - NY and CT. Additionally, Theresa serves as an advisor and active member of Troop HR, a national HR network that empowers People Professionals to drive change and maximize their impact as leaders. Throughout her career, Theresa has developed a reputation for being a results-driven leader with a track record of delivering successful outcomes. Her expertise and dedication to her craft have made her an invaluable asset to any team. Her passion for building organizational culture gave her unique insight into the keys that make (or break) an organization. Her desire to impact a larger cross-section of industry led her to found Culture Markers in July 2022. With Culture Markers, Theresa continues to use her skills and experience to help organizations build strong cultures and engage employees to drive success.