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Create More “Hell Yes” Days: Activate Your Mojo

Propel yourself from where you are now to where you want to be.

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Apr 25, 2024
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Last updated on Mar 25, 2024

In my 15 years as an executive coach, a recurring theme in my practice is how to inspire and motivate teams. While this is not a new topic, the evolving landscape of leading hybrid teams, the concerning dip in employee engagement, and combating the Great Gloom present new challenges.

The remedy? Create more "Hell Yes" days by activating your Mojo. Mojo is that positive energy and momentum propelling you from where you are now to where you want to be.

It's contagious, directly impacting those around us. With only a third of employees reporting that they are engaged in their roles, there's a clear mandate to infuse Mojo throughout our organizations and equip ourselves and our teams with the tools to ignite their Mojo and approach each day with optimism and possibilities.

Conscious Choice

And lastly, it's a conscious choice. It requires opting in and being intentional in your actions. This isn't an innate skill; rather, it's a capability that can be cultivated and refined over time.

I use a simple framework with my clients that emphasizes the importance of creating conditions for themselves to experience more "Hell Yes" days and activate their Mojo. We discuss the impact of their energy and outlook in setting the tone on their team and ultimately influencing their team’s ability to deliver their best work. Like the airplane safety reminder to put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others, leaders must prioritize their own Mojo to effectively support their teams.

Be More Intentional

To help my clients be more intentional in how they structure their days and their impact on others, I introduce them to my straightforward 4-step Mojo Framework™. Drawing from my coaching experiences with top global companies and insights from my Mojo Mondays Bootcamp podcast, this framework helps them activate their Mojo whenever they need it.

M – Manifest Your Vision and Purpose

O – Ongoing Learning and Expanding Your Comfort Zone

J – Joy of Missing Out

O – Own Your Day

By incorporating these four pillars into their routines, they have more agency over the days and are ready to activate their Mojo whenever it's needed.

TroopHR members, If you want to learn more about how to elevate your leadership and transform ordinary days into extraordinary "Hell Yes" days filled with positive energy and possibilities, join Laura on April 10 @ 1 pm ET for my Find Your “Hell Yes”: Activate your Mojo workshop.

To learn more about Laura and her work go to at i2leadership.com or follow on LinkedIn.

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